Bloodless glucose monitoring systems

Optical Semi-noninvasive Glucose SensorPresent blood glucose concentration measuring technology requires a drop of blood on a test strip.  This requires that one repeatedly pierce their skin to obtain a fresh drop of blood to apply to a test strip, for each and every test.

Most type 2 diabetics should test their blood glucose level at least once a day and all type 1 diabetics as well as many type 2 diabetics, should test multiple, sometimes approaching 10 times per day, to help determine insulin doses.

This equates to a lot of inconvenience, expense, and for some individuals, discomfort.

New technology will not require piercing ones skin to obtain drops of fresh blood, nor will it require test strips.

Enter bloodless continuous monitoring glucose systems which can be implanted under the skin and read through the skin (transdermally) utilizing an external flourometer.

Fluorescent Glucose Biosensor technology may be several years from the shelves of ones local pharmacy, but it is on the horizon.

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