Golf and your Back

As enjoyable as golf can be it does require a healthy body.  Tremendous torque needs to be generated, along with bending, lots of walking.  Often low back troubles can become an issue.

Time and time again we consult with golfers who have taken the well meaning advice to self mediate with over the counter or prescription medications, all the while, unknowkingly, neglecting the underlying root cause of their back pain.  What’s at risk is a life of enjoying their beloved sport.

Many golfers will actually meet a chiropractor or two on the golf course!

Here is some advice:

  1. Use properly fitted golf clubs.
  2. Smaller people need lighter more flexible equipment.  Thank goodness for graphite.
  3. Maintaining flexibility is important.
  4. Special grips can help with hand pain.
  5. Take lessons and have someone critique your stroke.

Orthotics and comfortable custom cast arch supports can also make a big difference in balance, coordination and stability, enhancing ones game.

Be very carefull if you intend to carry your golf bag!  Carry it 50 50 from one shoulder to the other.

Stay well hydrated on the golf course to enhance muscular performance.

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