Intense sweetness surpasses cocaine reward

There is so much sugar hidden the the processed foods we consume.

Most humans, including other mammals, find sugar sweetened soft and fruit juices intensely pleasurable.  “Rewarding” is the term used by researchers.

It’s been suggested that sweetened foods and drinks may provide one of the most common and intense human pleasures.

In observance of the frantic lifelong habitual consumption of sweets, which often eclipses caloric need by a factor of about 10,000, the term ‘drug addiction’ has often come to this writer’s mind.  But little did we know how deep the similarities were…

Now we know that consumption of sweets and drugs of abuse both stimulate dopamine pathways in the brain.  Cross tolerance has also been observed between sugars and drugs of abuse in that with long term sugar indulgence the analgesic effects of morphine are lessened.  Dependence is thought to result along with changes in the brain which are similar to those of people addicted to drugs of abuse.

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