Military career extended with non-surgical spinal decompression



Tracy noticed ‘foot-slap’ when he ran because of weakness in his leg caused by back problems affecting the spinal nerves.  Active in the US military, having difficulty exercising, he knew he didn’t want surgery.

With each stride he could feel and hear that one foot was striking the ground with more force than the other.

With a history of non only military service but also hard physical work, his his spinal discs had paid the priced with bulging, tearing and herniation.  Along with spinal arthritis and low back pain, his running was slowed.

Following careful consultation and review of MRI images, treatment included several sessions of non-surgical axial spinal decompression combined with Dr.  manual spinal therapy–all under the direct supervision of Dr. Sinner.

It’s been several years since Tracy had his initial treatment and he’s done well over time.  He’s available to share his non-surgical axial spinal decompression experience with interested treatment candidates.  Just ask to talk with Tracy!

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