Meet our senior weight-loss coach

Colleen Day

With weight-loss of over 60 pounds and maintenance for over 6 years, combined with the latest Ideal Protein education, Colleen Day is equipped to coach you to success .

In describing her journey Colleen notes, “This is not a fairytale story where my stay-at-home spouse or hired-chef planned, shopped, and prepared and delivered piping hot meals to my family and I 7-days-a-week!”

Stress?  Colleen accomplished this while working a 55-hour overly-demanding job AND keeping up with the responsibilities of having young children (5 children total) and a husband with early-onset Parkinson’s.

Colleen’s experience includes creating, growing, and maintaining a successful medical weight-loss center with dieter success ‘numbers’ far above the average. She did this by putting a lot of herself into her diet coaching and today she continues to strive for ever-higher ‘numbers’ for her clients, knowing that the ‘numbers’ reflect better health for her clients.

Colleen notes, “Most studies indicate that only 5 – 10% of people are able to successfully maintain their weight loss and these are really pathetic numbers! Who would diet if that was the expected outcome?”  Thus from day one with her clients, Colleen puts an emphasis on what it takes for healthy weight maintenance.

Presently, Colleen is also writing a book (about Parkinson’s) and enrolled in college. If you’re interested in learning about how Colleen does all of this, including her cooking philosophy, then come see her at one of the introductory events which she hosts in our office or schedule a one-on-one weight-loss consultation with her.

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