Are smoothies a good idea?

fruit smoothie

We’re reminded to regularly enjoy our fruit and vegetables and even to sweeten our smoothies with bananas and carrots.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away….we’ve all been taught fruit is good us.  However, too much fruit isn’t such a good idea for most of us.

This is because tasty fruit (ripe) is loaded with sugar.   The truth is that most the positive things we’ve heard over the years, has been promoted by special interests groups (such as fruit growers associations) and advertisers (such as for orange juice.

The belief that it is ‘healthier’ is just not true.  It’s sugar. And sugar is one of the largest pitfalls in the standard American diet (SAD).  Why do I say this?

  • Dementia is linked to sugar caused changes to our ‘mitochondria’,
  • Cancer, at least some types of cancer, depend upon sugar for food,
  • Blood sugar & hormone levels are adversely affected by too much sugar,
  • Energy is drained by too much sugar, despite the propaganda that ‘energy’ drinks (which on average contain a half cup of sugar each) do just the opposite.
  • Fructose (fruit sugar) is handled by the body in a manner that normal signals telling us to stop eating fruit, are blunted.  So we eat too much fruit and this can lead to weight-gain.

All sugar, fruit sugar included, is best limited.  It should be something ‘special’ as opposed to a dietary foundation.

Think of it this way:  Fruit naturally ripens and is available only for a few weeks each year (depending upon the type), often toward the end of Summer.

Fruit can certainly serve one purpose:  To fatten us up!   We each need to ask ourselves how much of that we really need.

I once met with a gentleman could lose several pounds of weight every time he had a long sauna session.  Several pounds!  It turned out that this man (who said he ate 5 pounds of grapes per day) was diabetic (with kidney issues).

I think if we all tested our own blood sugars (as diabetics should do), that we would be much more aware.

Fruit is an important component within an overall healthy weight-maintenance or weight-gain diet.  And it is certainly pleasurable.  However, not only is fruit not even remotely important for weight-loss (which is what the majority of us need), but I’ve seen it sabotage many ill informed efforts.

Fruit is best consumed intermittently (seasonally) in modest amounts. And berries (lowest in sugars of all the fruits) are an excellent choice!

I’m not a big fan of smoothies (or any liquid cold high calorie drink), but have you ever noticed how FEW blueberries, for example, that it takes to add that delicious flavor and color to your smoothie?

Very few.

With fruit, more is rarely better than less.

bon appetite!

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