Driver-less car likely to be rear-ended

Dr Sinner The Crash Dummy

Bloomberg reports today that self-driving cars are at least twice as likely to get in an accident.   The trouble seems to be that they comply with traffic rules 100% of the time, as in following the speed limit when merging onto a highway where human-driven vehicles may be traveling at well above the speed limit.  Apparently computer driven vehicles lack common sense.

Lacking common sense, self-driving cars thus far have been programmed to fastidiously and cautiously follow all driving rules.  And thus far this is getting them hit from behind.

Caution is a good thing, but it’s possible to be too cautious, with a Google engineer noting, “They’re a little bit like a cautious student driver or a grandma.”

For example, when a driver-less car senses a pedestrian near the sidewalk edge, it abruptly stops. Just like some overly careful drivers most of us have probably driven with!

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