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Of particular interest is the link below which discusses improved bone density with Med-X.

Also interesting is the study which discusses the spinal muscle shrinkage which can be seen on CT scans in patients with chronic spinal pain.

Evidence based practice dictates that manual therapy such as chiropractic and massage therapy are THE best initial treatments for the vast majority of spinal injuries. However, as some of these articles suggest, spinal strengthening may also prove valuable, reducing ones need for spinal surgery and in the event that spinal surgery is necessary, enhancing ones outcome.

Resistance Exercise Reverses Aging in a Human Skeletal Muscle

One Lumbar Extension Training Session per Week is Sufficient for Strength Gains and Reductions in Pain in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain Ergonomics Stewart Bruce Low, David Smith, Scott Burnet, James Fisher, Gary Bissell, and Leonie Webster

The Clinical Effects of Intensive, Specific Exercise on Chronic Low-Back Pain: A Controlled Study of 895 Consecutive  Patients with One Year Follow-Up Brian W. Nelson, MD, Mike Hogan, PT, Elizabeth O’Reilly, RN, Joseph A. Wegner, MD, MPH, Mark Miller, PT, Charles Kelly, MD   Low Back Pain

Muscle – In Rehabilitation of the Spine: Science and Practice   Michael L. Pollock, PhD, James E. Graves, PhD, David M. Carpenter, MS, Daniel Foster, MS, Scott H. Leggett, MS, Michael N. Fulton, MD   Basic Science of Spine-Associated Tissues   Nonoperative Spine Care Centers Present New Ancillary Service, Quality Patient Care   Tina DiMarcantonio   Orthopedics Today

Correlation Between the MRI Changes in the Lumbar Multifidus Muscles and Leg Pain   DF Kader, D. Wardlaw, FW Smith   Clinical Radiology

CT Imaging of Trunk Muscles in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients and Healthy Control Subjects   Lieven, A. Danneels, Guy G. Vanderstraeten, Dirk C. Cambier, Erik E. Witvrouw, Hugo J. De Cuyper   European Spine Journal

Differences in Electromyographic Activity in the Multifidus Muscle and the Iliocostalis Lumborum Between Healthy Subjects and Patients with Sub-Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain   LA Danneels, PL Coorevits, AM Cools, GG Vanderstraeten, DC Cambier, EE Witvrouw, HJ De Cuyper   European Spine Journal

Effect of Reduced Training Frequency and Detraining on Lumbar Extension Strength   Jacqueline T. Tucci, MS, David M. Carpenter, MS, Michael L. Pollock, PhD, James E. Graves, PhD, Scott H. Leggett, MS   Spine

Effects of Pelvic Stabilization on Lumbar Muscle Activity During Dynamic Exercise   Jun G. San Juan, James A. Yaggie, Susan Levy, Vert Mooney, Brian Udermann, John M. Mayer   Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Effects of Three Different Training Modalities on the Cross Sectional Area of the Lumbar Multifidus    LA Danneels, GG Vanderstraeten, DC Cambier, EE Witvrouw, J Bourgois, W. Dankaerts, HJ De Cuyper   British Journal of Sports Medicine

Two-year follow-up of a randomized clinical trial of spinal manipulation and two types of exercise for patients with chronic neck pain   Evans R, Bronfort G, Nelson B, Goldsmith CH   Spine

Effects of Regular and Slow Speed Resistance Training on Muscle Strength

Can Spinal Surgery be Prevented by Aggressive Strengthening exercise? A Prospective Study of Cervical and Lumbar Patients

Exercise Effects on Bone Mass in Post-menopausal Women are Site-Specific and Load-Dependent

Osteoporosis and Strength Training

Reversing Sarcopenia: How Weight Training Can Build Strength and Vitality