Work injuries in Washington State


      Washington State Law dictates that an injured worker has a right to choose the doctor of their choice to treat his/her occupational illness or injury (including licensed practitioners of medicine, osteopathic medicine and surgery, chiropractic, dentistry, podiatry, optometry and naturopathy) and further, that a worker may change to a new doctor of […]

Meet the President’s chiropractor

William Morgan

Honestly, I’m not sure which of our Nation’s politicians do or do not suffer from back or neck pain or utilize chiropractic (or psychiatry for that matter).  That information would be confidential. However, when our Washington DC politicians do experience spinal pain or headaches, I’m sure that Dr. Morgan is likely one of the providers […]

June is International Men’s Health month!

Dr. Sinner's Client

The goal of Men’s Health Month is to raise awareness of male health issues on a global level and encourage men and boys to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury. Men’s Health Facts [1] 12.1% of men 18 years and over are in fair or in poor health (2012) 20.9% […]

44% Veterans Experience Chronic Pain

Pain in the back

A recent study reports that nearly nearly 15% of returning soldiers have used pain killers in the past month–more than 4x higher than use in the general public. Among infantry soldiers who have returned home within the past 3 months, 44% are experiencing chronic pain.   Chronic pain is defined as pain for at least 3 […]

Would losing a few pounds help my back?


Low back pain (LBP) is extremely prevalent: Every year half of all workers in the US say they have LBP. Her the US over $50 billion of our health care dollars are spent on back pain. It is believed that 80% of us in the US will suffer LBP at some time in our life. […]

Where spinal surgery fits in

surgery 1

Every year upwards of 3 million visits to US emergency rooms occur due to back pain and in fact, at one time or another in our life most of us will need treatment for back pain.  And not only do we know that people needed treatment for back pain thousands of years ago, but we […]

Painful spinal discs


Spinal discs act as connecting ligaments between the spinal vertebrae.  Spinal discs also act as shock absorbers.  The diagram to the left illustrates the inner portion of the disc, also known as the nucleus pulposis (pink) and the outer portion of the disc, also known as the annulus fibrosis (green). Disc nucleus has been described […]

The pain of scar tissue

Scar tissue, abdominal

AS part of the healing process, healing of injures, including surgical procedures, result in scar tissue. If you’ve ever experienced scarring on your body you know that the scar tends to feel stiffer and less elastic than the surrounding skin. Scar tissue is made of collagen and it is  stiffer and tougher than the original […]