Driver-less car likely to be rear-ended

crash test dummy

Bloomberg reports today that self-driving cars are at least twice as likely to get in an accident.   The trouble seems to be that they comply with traffic rules 100% of the time, as in following the speed limit when merging onto a highway where human-driven vehicles may be traveling at well above the speed […]

Work injuries in Washington State


  Injured workers in Washington State have the right to choose the provide of their choice to treat their occupational injuries or illness (provided that provider is contracted with L&I to do so).  This includes licensed practitioners of medicine, osteopathic medicine and surgery, chiropractic, dentistry, podiatry, optometry and naturopathy.  Washington State workers being treated for their […]

Military Chiropractor

William Morgan

I’m not sure which of our Nation’s politicians do or do not suffer from back or neck pain or utilize chiropractic (or psychiatry for that matter).  That information would be confidential. However, when our Washington DC politicians do experience spinal pain or headaches, I’m sure that Dr. Morgan is likely one of the providers they […]

Welcome to our chiropractic practice!

It’s with pleasure that we welcome you to our chiropractic practice.  We would like to take a moment and share with you some of the thought processes behind what you may of recently experienced with us: 1.  X-rays:  You may have had the impression that chiropractors, like dentists, immediately order x-rays on every new client and with us you […]

Cold Therapy

Ice Bag 9 Inch for Cold Therapy 620 x 324

Chronic spinal pain patients (after surgery has failed) and athletes recovering from joint therapy alike often praise the effectiveness of simple, inexpensive, home cold therapy.  This strategy gives some patients tremendous advantage and self-control over their health. Cold therapy can be an effective approach, especially for acute injuries, dental work, or surgeries which involve inflammation. […]

44% Veterans Experience Chronic Pain

Pain in the back

A recent study reports that nearly nearly 15% of returning soldiers have used pain killers in the past month–more than 4x higher than use in the general public. Among infantry soldiers who have returned home within the past 3 months, 44% are experiencing chronic pain.   Chronic pain is defined as pain for at least 3 […]

Would losing a few pounds help my back?


Low back pain (LBP) is extremely prevalent: Every year half of all workers in the US say they have LBP. Her the US over $50 billion of our health care dollars are spent on back pain. It is believed that 80% of us in the US will suffer LBP at some time in our life. […]

Where spinal surgery fits in

surgery 1

Every year upwards of 3 million visits to US emergency rooms occur due to back pain and in fact, at one time or another in our life most of us will need treatment for back pain.  And not only do we know that people needed treatment for back pain thousands of years ago, but we […]