Symptoms radiating from the neck

cervical radic color diagram

Neck conditions may effect the neck (cervical spine) nerves, causing symptoms which show up elsewhere. Spinal nerve irritation may cause one to notice numbness, tingling, pain, &/or weakness extending down to either shoulder blade, shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand &/or to the fingers. Because the cause of the problem is in the cervical spine symptoms […]

Illustrated painful spinal conditions

disc, herniated  diagram

Herniated and Bulging Disc Designed to act as shock absorbers for the spine, discs are located between the vertebrae (bones of the spine). The outer ring of the disc (light blue in this diagram),  known as the annulus fibrosis, surrounds a jelly-like center (darker blue in this diagram) known as the nucleus pulposus.  Unfortunately, with […]

44% Veterans Experience Chronic Pain

Pain in the back

A recent study reports that nearly nearly 15% of returning soldiers have used pain killers in the past month–more than 4x higher than use in the general public. Among infantry soldiers who have returned home within the past 3 months, 44% are experiencing chronic pain.   Chronic pain is defined as pain for at least 3 […]

What to do if your neck hurts at work

Neck pain

These days most of us are required to sit for prolonged periods of time and this can pose problems following a whiplash neck injury.  Recent studies indicate that prolonged sitting is bad for all of us on many levels and periodic movement throughout ones day is advocated.  Of course some occupations require a lot of […]

Painful spinal discs


Spinal discs act as connecting ligaments between the spinal vertebrae.  Spinal discs also act as shock absorbers.  The diagram to the left illustrates the inner portion of the disc, also known as the nucleus pulposis (pink) and the outer portion of the disc, also known as the annulus fibrosis (green). Disc nucleus has been described […]

The pain of scar tissue

Scar tissue, abdominal

AS part of the healing process, healing of injures, including surgical procedures, result in scar tissue. If you’ve ever experienced scarring on your body you know that the scar tends to feel stiffer and less elastic than the surrounding skin. Scar tissue is made of collagen and it is  stiffer and tougher than the original […]


Poor Posture

The movement of your spine is very important because spinal movement is estimated to generate 90% of the nutrition and stimulation to your brain.  This means that if your spine is stiff and out of adjustment that your brain is paying the price. It was Roger Sperry, the Nobel Prize recipient for brain research who […]

Top 10 Reasons to Consult with Dr. Sinner

Experience.  Dr. Alan Sinner, of the Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression Center of Puyallup, has been a licensed health care provider / health educator for 20+ years.  With this experience has come the ability to listen and ask the right questions to ensure that each patient and client the best opportunity to meet their particular needs […]