Early Alzheimer’s linked to high carb diet

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Heavy carbohydrate food consumption is associated with a 400% increased risk for a mental condition, known as mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Dietary proteins and fats, on the other hand, were found to be protective. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic monitored the food preferences of over a thousand older adults over the course of 4 years […]

The 8 step belly fat to inflammation theory


It is theorized that a self-perpetuating inflammatory insulin resistance cycle exists and occurs in the following manner: 1.  Superficial midsection (abdominal) fat cells have a more difficult time obtaining sufficient oxygen and with this these cells are more likely to be dying, creating inflammation. 2.  Inflammation alters insulin signaling pathways. 3.  Large amounts of muscle […]

Sugar math and addiction

Are sugar substitutes the answer?

If we follow the math of the 2003 World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations that “added sugar” be less than ten (10) percent of the calories we consume, that would be 150 calories from added sugar for a 1500 calorie per day diet.  Needless to say WHO made this recommendation in the face of fierce industry […]

Skin issues related to weight-loss


Much as weight affects what we see in the mirror, so does the appearance of our skin. The nice thing is that the protocol you are using can actually help the skin improve as well. Fortunately, when you understand what’s going on – and what you can do to help – the frustrations can fade. […]

Top 10 Reasons to Consult with Dr. Sinner

Experience.  Dr. Alan Sinner, of the Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression Center of Puyallup, has been a licensed health care provider / health educator for 20+ years.  With this experience has come the ability to listen and ask the right questions to ensure that each patient and client the best opportunity to meet their particular needs […]

The insulin cancer hypothesis


  In 1971 cancer was the #8 cause of death in the US.  By 2006 cancer had become the #1 cause of death in the US.  And during the past 40 years people in the US have become increasingly overweight. Now it is estimated that 20% of deaths from cancer in women are estimated to come from […]

Gastric bypass surgery fails to cure diabetes

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A December 2012 article published by the medical journal  Obesity Surgery, reports on the first study of this magnitude tracking  4,434 type 2 diabetic gastric bypass surgery candidates.  Study participants were enrolled in the large Northern California HMO Kaiser Permanente. Study participants qualied for and received gastric bypass surgery for obesity and although for two thirds diabetes […]

Weight loss results in less back & leg pain

We never know exactly how we will recover

In November 2012 Spine published a study on improved back pain & increased intervetrebral disc height following dramatic weight loss which reports  “MARKEDLY” reduced back pain and “SIGNIFICANTLY” reduced radiating leg pain. This particular study involved a cohort of 30 significantly overweight individuals, 86% of whom had low back pain. STUDY PARTICIPANTS 30 Participants 26 with […]

Waist size in men associated with several conditions


We are living during a global epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and “Syndrome X”. Syndrome X is a term coined by Dr. Reaven at Stanford in the early 1980’s. Syndrome X is also known as metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome consists of the following: Central obesity (large waist circumference due to excessive belly fat) Glucose intolerance (pre-diabetes or […]

You gotta eat your spinach, babeee


Food Vitamin K Weight Serving size Kale 1,147 130 1 cup Collards 1,059 170 1 cup Spinach 1,027 190 1 cup Turnip greens 851 164 1 cup Collards 836 190 1 cup Beet greens 697 144 1 cup Generations after Shirly mused these words they ring no less true.  Various varieties of vegetables may contain […]