Symptoms of PCOS


Irregular menstrual cycles with severe cramping and bleeding; pelvic pain, Acne, oily skin and dandruff, Coarse facial and body hair (stops progressing with improved insulin sensitivity), Male pattern baldness and thinning hair (body thinks its male), Frizzy hair (usually improves with enhanced insulin sensitivity), Weight gain and a constant battle to keep the weight off […]

Certified Gluten Free

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Eating Gluten-Free & the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method In the last several years, there has been a growing awareness in the medical community of gluten-related disorders. New research shows that the ingestion of foods containing gluten can detrimentally affect a larger segment of the population than previously believed. Gluten is a protein found in […]

Could statins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure?

Heart Shape

Each February, with American Heart Month, there is an uptick in talk about cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease.  It is assumed by many that heart wellness correlates with cholesterol reduction. Recently however some researchers are questioning the wisdom of widespread statin use for cholesterol reduction.  An article published February 6, 2015 in the Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology suggests […]

Cold Therapy

Ice Bag 9 Inch for Cold Therapy 620 x 324

Chronic spinal pain patients (after surgery has failed) and athletes recovering from joint therapy alike often praise the effectiveness of simple, inexpensive, home cold therapy.  This strategy gives some patients tremendous advantage and self-control over their health. Cold therapy can be an effective approach, especially for acute injuries, dental work, or surgeries which involve inflammation. […]

The pain of scar tissue

Scar tissue, abdominal

AS part of the healing process, healing of injures, including surgical procedures, result in scar tissue. If you’ve ever experienced scarring on your body you know that the scar tends to feel stiffer and less elastic than the surrounding skin. Scar tissue is made of collagen and it is  stiffer and tougher than the original […]

Stroke increasingly common even in younger people

Stroke via webmd

As long as we are alive our blood carries critical oxygen and nutrients (such as glucose and amino acids) to our brain cells. Usually strokes occur in older individuals, but increasingly stroke is being detected in young people. Some experts suspect that this increased incidence may in part be due to more accurate testing and […]

Fitness & athletic excellence requires optimal nutrition


The next time you run into a fitness enthusiast, whether its a yoga instructor or the personal trainer at your local fitness center, just ask them how important they feel nutrition is? Chances are they will emphasize that nutrition is extremely important for fitness, contributing as much as 80 to 90% of one success. It […]

Belly fat and testosterone hormone


A National Institute of Health (NIH) study published in the September 2013 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, links waning testosterone levels in men are with superficial and deep (intra-abdominal) belly fat accumulation. For this study 198 men had their testosterone hormone levels medically suppressed. The result of reducing the testosterone hormone level in these men was […]

New QR code proposed for tobacco prodcuts


The containers which contain cigarettes and most tobacco products are too small to allow for an accurate list of all known risks. Increased risk for heart disease, emphysema and cancer are listed, but many other diseases which are directly caused by tobacco products are omitted, these include: Tooth loss Premature aging Sagging breasts & wrinkles […]

Rationed medical care in England


Lest one imagine that the vicissitudinous nature of the US health care system is unique, consider England’s 65-year old National Health Service (NHS), within which most of England’s medical care is delivered. Criticism of England’s’ NHS is presently erupting due to funding and patient safety issues.    Out of dire necessity, England’s NHS is enlisting […]