Chiropractic study


A 2011 review of 894 patients, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, very nicely delineates reduced disability for low back injury patients treated with chiropractic.

Positive results were attributed to both initial and follow-up chiropractic care for low back injuries.

Specifically, low back disability was decreased:

  • 24% decrease in disability duration
  • 5.9% decrease in narcotic use
  • 19% decrease in medical expenses

Along with this was reported a:

  • 6.6% decrease in narcotic use
  • 16% decrease in disability duration of first episode
  • 32% decrease in medical expenses

This is why chiropractic care is now integrated into forward-thinking evidence-based medical facilities such as that available to our US military veterans and active duty military personnel.

-You can read the journal abstract at this link: