Over the years we have received many testimonials from individuals who have found what they were seeking with one of our treatment programs and aside from the fact that our treatments are effective, the
one compliment we hear most frequently is that, “Dr. Sinner’s ability to understand and communicate is superb.”


We’ve known Dr. Sinner for well over 20 years…

My husband, John, and I both now retired, have known Dr. Alan Sinner for well over 20 years. We first met him as patients but over the years our relationship has grown into a warm friendship.

I began seeing Dr. Sinner due to headaches, as well as neck and back aches.  These problems were aggravated by hours of sitting and using a computer as an administrative assistant at the Boeing Company.

John began chiropractic care for whiplash after being rear-ended in his car.  However, the maintenance care he has received from Dr. Sinner has given John considerable pain relief caused by a head injury during his military service and, later, work injuries resulting in knee surgeries.

Our personal experience of receiving ongoing chiropractic care has convinced us of its contribution to a better quality of life.  An important part of our confidence in chiropractic care is directly due to Dr. Sinner’s integrity, knowledge and sincere care of his patients’ well being.


John and Joy Berger, 2013


Professional musician improves health…

For years Red has been a musician and his profession has taken him from one end of the United States to the other.  Over the years, the stress of Red’s career began to take a toll on his health.  His wife referred him to Dr. Sinner.  Following a consultation, several areas of concern were brought to light, including a breakdown in his bodies ability to maintain his blood sugar ranges within an optimal range and this was beginning to effect other systems and parts of his body.

It really didn’t take very long with Red persistently complying with his treatment program for his follow up lab tests to show great improvement so much so that both his internal medicine specialist and his wife were singing his praises.

Continued improvement allowed for some weight loss and also a reduction in the amount of needed medications.  Red explains, “Basically this has improved my quality of life all the way around and that by carrying a little less weight its easier to keep my muscle toned and it’s less taxing on my skeletal system.  With my prescribing doctor’s blessing, my use of one of my medications has all but been eliminated and the amount or dose of another medication I take has been reduced by two-thirds.

Red explains, “My treatment protocol was not difficult and that if you want to succeed you are the only one who can make that happen, with the right assistance.”

Way to go Red, we’re proud of you!