Ideal Protein medical benefits


Your doctor may have advised you to lose some weight, but do you just want to lose weight, or do you want to lose fat and spare muscle? 

Since introducing Ideal Protein into our practice in 2008, many individuals, men and women alike, have discovered that the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method can be a superb long-term solution.

Beyond enhancing our physical appearance, confidence, and sense of well-being, the Ideal Protein weight-loss method may also:

  1. Fast weight loss. Some believe that fast weight-loss is less likely to be maintained, but research does not support this idea.  What does need to occur is that your understanding and learning of how to maintain a healthy weight needs to keep up with your weight-loss, and we are committed to making that happen.  We have found that the up-side of rapid weight-loss is that it is motivating.
  2. Reduced waist circumference and corresponding ventral adiposity.  Losing belly fat is aesthetically appealing and can also be a strong motivator.
  3. Improved glycemic control with corresponding improved hemoglobin A1c test results (an extremely important blood test).
  4. Reduced post prandial (after you eat) blood sugar excursions (this helps control hunger cravings).
  5. Control of ‘low blood sugar’ mental symptoms (hitting-the-wall, ‘bonking’, irritability, emotionality, depression).
  6. Glycemic improvement necessitating reduction and/or elimination of glycemic pharmacologic agents (reduced medications).
  7. Blood pressure improvements with corresponding downward titration of blood pressure medications by your prescribing physician.
  8. Insulin sensitivity improves even without exercise. This increased sensitivity occurs in peripheral tissues as well as the liver.
  9. Serum (blood) levels of fasting insulin are reduced (another very important test).
  10. Liver health improve (fatty liver improves).
  11. Pancreatic function improves (with greater insulin sensitivity of liver and muscle cells, you pancreas doesn’t need to secrete so much insulin).
  12. Hepatic (liver) glucose output is reduced (this helps reduce high morning blood glucose readings for those who monitor their blood glucose).
  13. Triglycerides drop drastically if elevated and this occurs early in the diet (elevated triglycerides are a major risk-factor for heart attack and heart disease).
  14. Cholesterol:  HDL-C (good cholesterol) increases, but this is over a longer period of time. LDL-C (bad cholesterol) may or may not improve in total LDL-C measures. However, the LDL-C ratio of apoB (bad, dense component of LDL) and apoA (better, less atherogenic component of LDL) improves.
  15. A protective effect on kidney function is seen in healthy patients.
  16. The Ideal Protein Weight-Loss Method tends to be satiating and hunger is usually well controlled and a lack of hunger aids in diet compliance.
  17. Sometimes a profound euphoric effect is noticed.
  18. Natural appetite suppression occurs, without drugs, as appetite is controlled and cravings reduced.
  19. Better weight maintenance. Weight gain that does occur tends to be gains of lean body mass as opposed to more fat mass.
  20. The thermal effect of food is enhanced.
  21. Weight-loss from fat is enhanced, while lean body mass loss is minimized.
  22. Reduced neck and back pain.
  23. Meal replacement weight loss strategies enforce portion control and has demonstrated significantly greater weight losses than a prescribed diet of self-selected conventional food.  The maintenance phase of Ideal Protein is based on self-selected conventional food.
  24. Weekly sessions and meal replacements (as with Ideal Protein) are found very effective for weight-loss for type 2 diabetics.
  25. This diet can be used for a first line treatment before, after, or as an adjunct to other weight loss therapies. These include short and long-term pharmacologic agents and surgery.
  26. Fitness goals are more easily be achieved if excessive weight upon the knees, for example, is reduced.

Dedicated and experienced weight-loss professionals are standing by to answer your questions!