• Disc6bJust as physical therapy can be amazingly effective for stabilizing and strengthening a bad shoulder, for example, Med-X helps to improve the function and stability of the back and neck. This treatment is ideal for patients who:
  • Suffer from ongoing back or neck stiffness or pain.
  • Those whose back or neck  ‘goes out’ regularly.
  • Those who wish to enhance and prolong their positive response to their chiropractic adjustments.
  • Those who wish to strengthen their back, including their bone density.

Worldwide, physicians of all specialties utilize and recommend Med-X equipment.

Notice that in the picture above that the woman is sitting in a comfortable upright position.  This is important for older or frail individuals who may not be ready to get down on all fours to undertake our traditional spinal stabilization exercises.

In our office we frequently use our quality MedX equipment to warm up the spinal tissues prior to either traditional chiropractic spinal care or non-surgical spinal decompression.  Patients often find that they realize the above listed benefits when they take a few minutes and incorporate MedX spinal exercise into their visit.

We have been integrating Med-X into our spinal care practice since the early 1990’s.