…Safe, rapid weight-loss, and the reduction of risk factors for cardiovascular disease…

On December 1st, 2014, Ideal Protein research was presented at the 9th Annual Obesity Summit at the Cleveland Clinic Obesity Clinic and at the annual scientific meeting of the National Obesity Society.

The findings demonstrate that there is consistent weight loss, as well as improved lipid profiles for cholesterol balance and the reduction of other risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke.

233 Patients were on the Ideal Protein protocol for at least 12 weeks, resulting in safe, rapid weight-loss, along with a reduction of cardiovascular disease risk factors.

The conclusion is that the Ideal Protein protocol can be offered to patients to lose weight and reverse the cluster of conditions which are pre-cursers to heart disease, stroke and diabetes, aka metabolic syndrome.

Tim Logemann, MD, a cardiologist who led the study noted, “The Ideal Protein protocol is a major tool that will help us accomplish these goals (reduce risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke).”

12 Week Results IPWLM

Ideal Protein Weight-Loss Method (IPWLM)