Non-surgical spinal decompression has become an increasingly popular option for patients facing problems with bulging, herniated and/or degenerated spinal discs, and sciatica.

Once approved for this procedure by a trained spinal-decompression provider, you will lie either face up or face down on an FDA cleared treatment table.  The table is controlled by a computer module and has been created for the specific purpose of ‘unloading’ your spinal discs.

What occurs is that the computer directs the table to open underneath your problematic disc, thus distracting the spine at this level.  Your program should be directed by an experienced clinician who takes several factors into consideration in customizing this treatment work best for your specific problem.

All of these details will be explained to you when during your spinal-decompression orientation and consultation.  At that time your medical imaging will be reviewed and specific orthopedic and neurological tests will be performed.   An attempt will be made to assess the severity of your condition and you should be given an estimate of the number of initial treatments needed and expected improvement.

This treatment can be very gentle and is appropriate for patients of advanced age who may not be appropriate candidates for other more invasive spinal treatments.  This treatment can seem very gentle to the extent that patients may fall asleep during the treatment.  Gentleness, however, should not be mistaken for ineffective.  To the contrary, many patients who are appropriate candidates for non-surgical spinal decompression find it helpful, sometimes after a variety of other treatment methods have been unsatisfactory.