Head injuries contribute to NFL player’s death


National Football League (NFL) saftey, Ray Easterling recently intentionally ended his life.  Easterling was 62-years-old. He began showing symptoms of injury to his brain 20 years ago.  His symptoms included depression and insomnia. His head injury was thought to actually be a series of head injuries he sustained during his football career with the Atlanta […]

Children’s Sports Contribute to Chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions Later in Life

3 youngsters

At Sinner Chiropractic Pain Center we frequently encounter individuals who feel that their chronic musculoskeletal condition most likely originated from a sports related situation they encountered during their pre-college years. According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), in 2010, 50 student athletes died because of  sports-related hazards from conditions such as: Concussions spinal cord […]

Golf and your Back

male golfer with low back pain

As enjoyable as golf can be it does require a healthy body.  Tremendous torque needs to be generated, along with bending, lots of walking.  Often low back troubles can become an issue. Time and time again we consult with golfers who have taken the well meaning advice to self mediate with over the counter or prescription […]

Can excessive yoga cause injuries?

Yoga Spinal Extension Pose

Yoga is praised for its ability to strengthen, energize, cure, calm, lower blood pressure, and help with depression and it’s popularity has expanded five fold from 2001 to 2011. The problem is that underlying physical weaknesses can make serious injury all but inevitable over time, compounded with the observation that some yoga instructors seem to […]

Chiropractic for work back injuries?

low back pain in a worker

A recent study reports very positive results with the use of chiropractic for initial work injuries for back pain as well as the followup care for those injuries. Chiropractic results during the disability back pain episode, as opposed to an alternative: 24% decrease in disability duration 5.9% decrease in narcotic use 19% decrease in medical […]

Chiropractic manipulation for back injuries?


The Utah Study – less expensive and less days missed from work… A 1988 Utah workers’ compensation board study found a savings for average workers compensation costs for back injuries treated by chiropractic care was ten fold, $68.38 vs. $668.39. Only those with back injuries with the same diagnostic codes were compared between the chiropractic and non-chiropactic groups. Source:  […]